Rovio to premiere animated Angry Birds TV show in the autumn

Movie to land after 2014

Rovio to premiere animated Angry Birds TV show in the autumn
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Those Angry Birds will be flapping their way onto TV screens this autumn when Rovio airs the first of 52 animated shorts based on its world-beating game franchise.

According to Rovio head of animation Nick Dorra, the episodes will air weekly, and each show will last up to three minutes.

Addressing the audience at the annual MIPTV conference in Cannes, Dorra said, "We're going to roll it out on all possible devices."

"We're looking at building a video app for that, and we're also looking at partnerships and so on... We want to be on all screens."

Next time, on Angry Birds...

The studio responsible for Rovio's debut TV series is Kombo, a Finnish animation outfit whom the Angry Birds developer took under its wing in 2011.

Dorra went on to explain that the TV show would attempt to go beyond the basic mechanics of the game, and get under the feathers of the irate protagonists themselves.

"It's about telling more engaging stories... and deeper thoughts, deeper feelings of the characters, such as why are they always angry?" Dorra continued.

"Angry Birds is not just about the gameplay, and will be in the future less and less about the slingshot, actually, and more and more about the characters."

Hollywood ham

Dorra also revealed that the aggressive avians will be catapulted onto the big screen in the not-too-distant future.

"It's in development, but it won't be out in 2013 or 2014," Dorra said of the upcoming Angry Birds movie. "You'll have to bide your time and first watch all of our shorts!"

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