Going social: How to unlock the Chrome Dimension levels in Angry Birds for Google+

Grab 'em all

Going social: How to unlock the Chrome Dimension levels in Angry Birds for Google+
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Rovio's Angry Birds recently flew onto Google's Facebook-esque social network Google+, complete with all 63 levels from the three chapters of the Poached Eggs episode.

It also came packing a new Teamwork episodes - explained further in our hands-on - and seven Chrome Dimension levels.

The latter of which can be unlocked by seeking out special Chrome Icons, which replace the golden eggs you're probably used to seeing scattered throughout levels.

As with the aforementioned eggs, the Chrome Icons aren't always in plain site, and do require a little rooting out.

Or, if you don't have time for that, you can just read on.

Chrome Icon 1 (1-16)

This Chrome Icon is hanging out on a platform above the pigs's homemade fortress, so you'll have to zoom-out of the battlefield to view it.

Fire a yellow bird in its general direction, and then click to send it speeding towards it. This will probably take you a few goes to master.

Chrome Icon 2 (1-18)

Much like the first, you'll have to zoom right out before you get this Chrome Icon in your sights.

You then have to - once again - keep your fingers crossed and fling your yellow birds towards it.

Chrome Icon 3 (1-20)

This Chrome Icon is particularly difficult to grab as it constantly moves around in the wind.

There isn't any special strategy involved with nabbing this one, so fling your yellow birds and you'll eventually have it in your beak.

Chrome Icon 4 (2-4)

This Chrome Icon also requires you to zoom-out to see it.

However, the easiest way to grab the Icon is to fling a blue bird towards it, and split it into three as it approaches the rocks immediately to the left of the prize.

Chrome Icon 5 (2-20)

This Chrome Icon is at the very right of the level when you zoom-out.

To collect it, you'll have to send a white bird in its general direction, and drop a bomb on top of the wooden block that's situated to the left of it.

Chrome Icon 6 (3-7)

This Chrome Icon is in plain sight, but that doesn't make it any easier to snatch.

In order to grab your sixth Chrome Dimension level, you'll need to quickly fire your blue bird, and split it so that all three smaller parts bounce off the slope just to the right of the Icon.

Chrome Icon 7 (3-14)

Zooming-out will reveal the Chrome Icon that is nestled to the rear of your slingshot.

Simply fire a red bird backwards and allow it to roll down the hill to bump into it. Just don't fire him too hard, or you'll miss it.