Rumour: Amazon AppStore heading to Europe later this summer

Guess they picked Super Saver delivery

Rumour: Amazon AppStore heading to Europe later this summer
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It finally appears that Amazon will be bringing its Android app distribution service, the Amazon AppStore, over to Europe this summer, if sources talking to AllThingsD are to be believed.

The AppStore (no space, legal and grammar fans) has been available in the US for over a year now, set up as a more curated and managed competitor to Android Market/Google Play.

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Apparently, the online retailer will begin asking for developer submissions from next week, with the intention to launch the service across a number of European countries later in the summer.

The launch could be designed to coincide with the release of the Kindle Fire, Amazon’s low-priced Android tablet that’s intrinsically linked to its Appstore.

However, given that the initial rumour itself is unsubstantiated, it’s best we take a few pinches of salt before getting ahead of ourselves.

Will Wilson
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