How Amazon Underground works

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How Amazon Underground works
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Amazon Underground is a brand new service in the Amazon Appstore that offers previously premium games and apps entirely for free.

Interestingly, IAPs are also free in all apps with Amazon floating the bill instead of you.

That's right, developers and publishers are paid a certain amount per minute of their app or game being played in exchange for the upfront and IAP cost of their games being waived.

Read on to explain how you can get it and how it all works.

How do I get it?

Google doesn't allow app stores on Google Play so you're going to have to manually download and install the Amazon Underground app on your Android device.

If you own a Fire HD or Fire HDX tablet you'll already have access to Underground apps in the Amazon Appstore.

Before you download the app you'll need to allow installation of apps from sources other than Google Play though. To do that, tap the all apps button (white circle with six dots), tap on settings, then scroll down and tap on security. Then, simply tap on "Unknown sources" to allow apps from places other than Google Play to be installed.

Now you're good to go. Simply head on over to this link [download] and follow the instructions.

Are the games actually free?

Yes, all games are 100% free including all IAPs. Amazon now lists apps as 'Actually free' rather than 'Free' as before, despite the fact these games included hefty IAPs.

We tested the actually free version of Badland and can confirm that it's 100% free without a whiff of any advertisements either.

It's unclear at how Amazon is benefiting from this other than tempting Android users to go with its own Amazon Appstore (or Underground) over Google Play.

Either way, Underground isn't a short term promotion. Amazon is in this for the long haul and has promised to keep adding games and apps to the selection as well as coming up with new benefits to using the service.

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