8 iOS games that work best on Apple TV (2017)

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8 iOS games that work best on Apple TV (2017)

Yes, it's true that you can play your favourite games on mobile no matter where you are. But admit it, you'd much rather play them on the big screen while sat on your comfortable couch.

While tvOS offers considerably less games than your mobile, there are a lot more than you think - and some of them actually play better on Apple TV.

So without further ado, here are eight games that you should have been playing on your Apple TV all along.

Alto's Adventure - Get it on iOS or Android

Alto's Adventure is a side-scrolling snowboard adventure that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, thanks to some gorgeous visuals and a stunning day and night cycle.

You play as the shepherd Alto, who has to cruise down the powdery slopes to gather up his missing llamas, using a variety of power-ups along the way.

Controlling him is as simple as a click of the Siri remote to jump, and then hold for backflips. There's a lot of depth involved though, as you'll perform a variety of tricks to boost your score.

This is an adventure well worth attending.

Framed - Get it on iOS or Android

Framed is a film noir-inspired puzzler with a very innovative mechanic. As the title suggests, you have to rearrange a variety of comic panels to get the protagonist to the end of each scene.

It's tricky though, as you have to be quick.

Impulse GP - Get it on iOS or Android

Impulse GP is a futuristic hoverbike racer that uses the Siri remote's accelerometer to provide some nifty tilt controls.

There's a ton of content as well, with a career mode to complete, upgrades to purchase, and three stars to get in every level.

It's stylish and speedy, with top-notch visuals, fluid gameplay, and an awesome electronic music soundtrack.

Into the Dead - Get it on iOS or Android

Into the Dead is a genuinely scary endless-runner in which you tilt your way through dark and dreary fields and forests crawling with the undead.

As you run, you'll pick up weapons and ammo to help blast away those that you can't avoid. Play it in the dark for the best effect.

Drifty Chase - Get it on iOS or Android

Drifty Chase is a top-down endless racer in which you play as a bank robber, and have to run from the cops through a variety of wacky cities.

You tap to turn, but have to get the timing right to ensure you don't collide with any of the oncoming traffic, and can collect cash to get faster cars.

Lumino City - Get it on iOS

Lumino City is a gorgeous puzzler in which you have to help Lumi search for her missing grandfather in a handcrafted 3D world.

It's a sight to behold - and much better played on your massive TV.

Minecraft: Story Mode - Get it on iOS or Android

Minecraft: Story Mode sees you and a bunch of friends embark on an adventure across the Overworld to find the Order of the Stone and save the world.

But this isn't Minecraft as you know it. In true Telltale form, it's an episodic adventure in which you make key decisions, solve puzzles, and listen to a bunch of dialogue.

It's essentially an interactive TV show, and one which feels extra special on Apple TV.

Offroad Legends 2 - Get it on iOS or Android

Offroad Legends 2 is an extreme side-scroller in which you have to navigate a variety of terrain like hills, ramps, and bridges in a bunch of different monstrous vehicles.

These include monster trucks, 4x4s, and army vehicles - all of which use real physics.

You'll need to figure out exactly when to brake and put your foot on the gas to get through these tricky levels.

Written by Paul Graham France of Couch Games.