Alien Syndrome screenshot presence detected on PSP

And very revealing it is, too

Alien Syndrome screenshot presence detected on PSP
| Alien Syndrome

Images for Totally Games' forthcoming action roleplaying title, the update of a classic Sega franchise that was announced late last year, have just been released.

Unfortunately, they're not backed up by new information, so we have nothing to reveal in addition to what we disclosed last December.

Hold your tuts, however – did you notice from the shots above the distinct difference between the isometric, almost top-down view and the more closed-in and detailed nature of the shots? That could be the difference you can expect when playing the game cooperatively or in single-player mode.

Or it could just be the fact the batches were taken at different times of development (the closed-in shots don't feature on-screen icons, for one) and they've been lumped together for release to the press.

While you're digesting the visuals, we'll go off and scout around for info. If we're gone a while, you could always click 'Track It!' to be alerted of further Alien Syndrome-related updates as and when they appear. Assuming we make it back, naturally.