Alba: A Wildlife Adventure gets new update that adds a beehive and new quest

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure gets new update that adds a beehive and new quest

Ustwo games has released a new update for its nature adventure game, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. The update is now available to download on iOS via Apple Arcade.

The new patch for the game was announced on Alba’s official Twitter feed last week, saying: “Finished Alba: A Wildlife Adventure? Play the update to build a beehive, protect Pepe and track a new mystery animal! Available on Apple Arcade today.”

It’s not a massive update by all means, but this new content for the game adds a beehive building and a new Mystery Animal quest with a new sign and new activities to perform.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure released for mobile exclusively on Apple Arcade late last year. You play as a young girl who is visiting her grandparents on the Mediterranean island they live on.

As Alba, you found the AIRWL, an organisation dedicated to saving the island which is facing an ecological crisis. You gather a group of good people who may volunteer to join you to help restore the balance of nature to the island.

Ustwo games has used Alba: A Wildlife Adventure as an opportunity to raise awareness of climate change and the impact humans can have on the planet’s ecological system. In January we reported that the company had planted 275,000 trees to correlate with the number of downloads the game had acquired.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is available on Apple Arcade, the premium subscription service for iOS which gives you access to hundreds of different games available for iPhone and iPad. The service offers a one-month free trial before moving up to a monthly fee of £4.99.

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