Pocket Gamer's recommendation-a-day advent calendar: AG Drive

One more wonderful game from 2015

Pocket Gamer's recommendation-a-day advent calendar: AG Drive

Every day, as we count down to Christmas, we'll be sharing a brilliant and essential game from 2015 that didn't quite make our game of the year list. We'll reveal the very best iOS and Android games of the last 12 months on Christmas Day

AG Drive

December 8th - AG Drive
iOS (£2.99 / $3.99)

AG Drive captures the feeling of speed brilliantly. Rushing through ridiculously good looking future cityscapes with only a thin ribbon of track between you and the looming skyscrapers.

Sure, it borrows heavily from WipeOut, but it does it with grace and aplomb. There's such a rush to proceedings that it's almost impossible not to get swept away in the clash of grav-engines and the scream of super boosts.

And it controls wonderfully as well. One of the big problems with mobile racers is how often they feel shoehorned onto the device. AG Drive is slick, forgiving when it needs to be, but still challenging enough to make your pulse race.

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There's a huge amount to do here as well, with different styles of racing keeping your fingers busy as you compete to become the greatest racer in the history of the future.

We've waited a long time for a legitimately engaging futuristic racer here at Pocket Gamer's secret raceway, and AG Drive delivered in spades. Probably laser spades or something.