Android devices will power ahead of Apple thanks to Intel partnership, reckons Acer founder Shih

Android backer in Android backing shocker

Android devices will power ahead of Apple thanks to Intel partnership, reckons Acer founder Shih
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As the two continue to grab market share from their competitors around the globe, opinion tends to be divided as to just which platform – Android or iOS – can truly claim to be on top.

Apple recently proclaimed iPhone 4 as the best selling smartphone on the planet – a boast stats appear to back up, in the US at least – yet it's also widely believed Android has the largest market share of any OS.

When questioned as to who he believes will eventually come out on top, it's little wonder Stan Shih – now retired founder of Android backer Acer – was keen to talk up Google's chances.

Slash and grab tablets

The reasoning behind Android's pending victory, however, is worthy of a look or two.

Speaking with United Daily News in China, Shih put forward his belief that it's Google's alliance with Intel will see its platform emerge as the undisputed king long term.

Shih states Google and Intel's decision to align their businesses will see Android's speed and performance boosted, with future Android-powered, Atom processor-built PCDs pulling ahead of Apple's products in terms of performance.

Shih also highlighted his belief that Apple's "post-PC era" doesn't signal the end to traditional PC use. Rather, he argued, the PC's form factor is merely changing, and people will eventually accept tablets and smartphones as the PC-like devices of the future.

Despite such a positive outlook, however, Shih's comments come after Acer itself cut its tablet shipments
by 60 percent in June
, with the firm looking to clear its accumulated inventory.

[source: Taiwan Economic News]

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