Acer to prioritise Windows Phone 7 in 2012

Android's good for the time being

Acer to prioritise Windows Phone 7 in 2012
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Acer has been a Windows Phone 7 advocate for some time, though the recent strategic alliance announced by Nokia and Microsoft may have resulted in the Taiwansese firm re-evaluating its priorities.

Back in February, Pocket-lint reported the first Acer devices running Microsoft's OS were due to roll out this September.

While it's not clear whether such plans have been altered since the unveiling of the Nokia deal, senior corporate VP Aymar de Lencquesaing has gone on record to state that support for WP7 will be a top priority from 2012 onwards.

Strength in numbers

"Microsoft's deal with Nokia is a strong endorsement of Windows Phone 7 as a platform, giving it more strength as an operating system," de Lencquesaing told Mobile Today.

"We won't develop our own operating system so a market where there are a couple of options can’t be a bad thing for us."

It's evidence that Acer believes the market is set to become increasingly competitive in the years ahead. While he stated Android would remain Acer's focus for 2011, de Lencquesaing suggested both Google's OS and WP7 will have something of an even spread the following year.

As such, Nokia's support for WP7 looks like it will benefit the platform in any number of ways, causing the Finnish firm's rivals to take Microsoft's OS more seriously, rather than back away from the increasing competition.

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