Eco-thriller A New Beginning coming to DS in 2009

Travel back in time to save mankind from itself

Eco-thriller A New Beginning coming to DS in 2009
| A New Beginning

We first heard about A New Beginning last year, and today a few more details have sprung up about the DS title that surely Al Gore could only approve of. Even if it is played on an evil, energy-sapping games console.

The game is being developed and published by Daedalic Entertainment and fans of the old point-and-click adventuring will be pleased to hear this is just such an affair, with more than 130 realistic 2D locations promised along with 30 characters animated by hand so as to feature film-like quality.

And just as examples of this genre are pretty rare nowadays, the game only gets more obscure with its plot. Set in the year 2050, climate change has devastated the earth. As time pilot Fay looks over a flooded San Francisco she decides to travel back in time to our present day to try to change the course mankind has taken.

We're not sure how she'll manage this, though – maybe by handing out leaflets outside Esso petrol stations and setting up a climate camp on a runway at Heathrow's Terminal 2.

And we won't exactly find out soon, given that A New Beginning's release has been confirmed as 2009. So watch your carbon emissions until then because you won't be able to play it from the bottom of the sea.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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