A New Beginning for DS

And it's a cinematic, interactive eco-thriller, no less

A New Beginning for DS
| A New Beginning

Recently formed Daedalic Entertainment has just announced its first internally developed project. A New Beginning is a classic adventure game for DS (as well as Wii and PC), where the plot revolves around an impending global cataclysm that threatens humankind's existence.

Obviously it's down to you to avert this. In order to do so, you take control of two protagonists – scientist Bent Svensson who's given up on a lifetime of attempting to engineer an eco-friendly alternative energy source, and Fay who's come from the future to warn him of the impending doom.


The only hope, it seems, is Svensson's research – now unfortunately about to fall into the hands of an unscrupulous energy magnate. Nevertheless, convinced by the young lady's tale, Svensson sets about travelling to various locations around the world to try and right humanity's environmental wrongs.

That's one big job.

Anyway, clearly there's plenty of exploration involved, which should be a joy when the hand painted environments and more than 30 hand-animated cel-shaded characters are as beautifully created as the (console) screenshot above suggests.

You should also expect numerous challenging puzzles and adventurous situations to overcome, promises the publisher, which plans to unveil the game (due at the end of 2008) at this week's Leipzig Games Convention.

If we catch it then, we'll let you know how it's shaping up.

Joao Diniz Sanches
Joao Diniz Sanches
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