[Update] Bon voyage! 80 Days finds its way onto iOS on July 24th

A narrative, globe-trotting adventure (Release date pushed back by a week)

[Update] Bon voyage! 80 Days finds its way onto iOS on July 24th
| 80 Days
Updated on July 22nd, at 18:14: Inkle has pushed the release date of 80 Days back by 7 Days, to July 31st.

Why? Because there are just so many big games out this week. And the studio says "we've been asked to move 80 Days to next week".

80 days update Here's a time-lapse of reviewers racing each other around the world. Our reviews ed. Harry is probably leading the pack

80 Days, the strategic, steampunk reimagining of Jules Verne's more verbose Around the World in Eighty Days, is heading to iOS on July 24th.

The alternative-history adventure game from Inkle Studios offers a deep, branching narrative, the same system seen in Inkle's previous game Steve Jackson's Sorcery!

With a script right around the 500,000 word mark, over 10,000 choices to make, and an AI system that adapts to user preferences, 80 Days ensures a unique experience for every player.

Complementing the game's rich writing, from writer Meg Jayanth, is art by Jaume Illustration, which you can see in one of the new screenshots to the right.

Also included in the final version are 150 cities players can visit on their epic voyage, plus a live feed of other players' progress.

Last month, our beta preview described 80 Days as a "gamebook," a "fresh concept" with "excellent" writing. You can read the full preview here and watch some gameplay footage below.

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