Gravity 360 will burst your mobile bubble

But not in a bad way...

Gravity 360 will burst your mobile bubble
| 3D Gravity 360

Why is it that any mobile game involving bubbles has to be about bursting them?

Can't someone take the constructive approach, and make a game where you have to blow bubbles as big as possible, and then join them together?

Okay, maybe that's a rubbish idea. Best stick with the bursting then, as LemonQuest has done for its new Gravity 360 game.

It's a 3D puzzler that involves turning a game board to collect coloured bubbles in blocks of three or more of the same colour, to burst them and earn points.

There are 15 levels to play through, which doesn't sound like much, but perhaps they last a long time. Anyway, it looks nice, so could be worth a bash.

The game is out now.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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