2 Minutes in Space, the sci-fi survival game, has been updated to provide players with their own naval fleet

The game has also been localised for Japan, Korea and China

2 Minutes in Space, the sci-fi survival game, has been updated to provide players with their own naval fleet

2 Minutes in Space, the casual survival game from Spanish developer Rarepixels, has received its largest update since the game launched. However, this update only applies to the iOS version at the moment and will see a naval fleet accompanying players on their journey throughout space.

Previously, players would have to cut about the outer reaches of the universe on their lonesome but now they can bring along their own personal naval fleet. A group of seven different ships with four classes will loyally follow you on your journey.

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This will include a cargo ship, medical ship and a carrier that will be invaluable from a survival perspective. Meanwhile, a series of small shuttle ships will be on hand to help blast down enemy ships alongside you.

However, Rarepixels are keen to point out that although you'll have more firepower on your side the difficulty of the game will not be lessened. In fact, it will become tougher and your accompanying ships may be reduced to rubble after being hit by missiles or colliding with other space debris.

Alongside your new ship pals, the game has also been localised into two additional languages. These languages are Japanese, Korea and Chinese. It's always good to see game devs keen to make their games as accessible for other countries as possible.

If you're unfamiliar with 2 Minutes in Space, it's a survival game where you'll be thrown into the depths of space to see how long you can stay alive. There are numerous issues to contend with such as asteroids, nebulas, missiles from enemy ships and powerful gravitational fields.

2 Minutes in Space is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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