1112 Episode 02 submitted to the iPhone App Store

Ready for another adventure?

1112 Episode 02 submitted to the iPhone App Store
| 1112 episode 02

Agharta Studios's visually stunning point-and-click adventure, 1112, is finally getting the follow up it deserves, as the developer has submitted the second episode to the iPhone App Store.

The first episode was released way back in 2008.

The game's protagonist Louis, a Johnny Depp lookalike, has found himself in the big apple without a clue how he got there. "Help him discover why he has ended up in New York and follow his adventure promising unexpected developments and encounters."

Episode 2 promises a totally redesigned engine, updated graphics, and a new artistic direction. It's also got 25 new environments and 14 fresh characters, various puzzles to get your brain around, as well as an elaborate story and an original soundtrack.

We gave Episode 1 a Silver Award, saying it's, "more than just the first of a series, it's an introduction to one of the finest adventure games in years."

The app has been submitted to Apple, so it should be available to download in the very near future.

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