World Zombination tips and strategies - Survivors Side

How to halt the undead

World Zombination tips and strategies - Survivors Side
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World Zombination is a curious mix of tower defence and strategy management. And it's split into two games: you can either play as the zombies, or as the survivors.

For this guide, we're going to offer tips to those playing as survivors.

In this mode, the game is about fending off the undead by recruiting units like gun fighters, snipers, and paramedics, and plopping them down at the right point to halt waves upon waves of zombies.

Want some quick tips to improve your chances at success? Read on.

Building your team Team

The basic team shape should include two melee characters (such as lumberjack or firefighter), a couple ranged units (like an outlaw or mercenary), one sniper, one support (such as paramedic or sports trainer), and a hero unit.

In certain missions you may decide that it's better to have more melee units or a couple support characters, but this balanced team layout will carry you through most campaigns.

You can have 100 units in your base, but you should focus on building a main squad, and a back up crew.

Don't waste time levelling up a hundred different fighters. Pick a squad of seven who will fight most of your battles, and a secondary squad of backbenchers to tag in if your main team runs out of stamina and you don't want to stop playing.

Then, sell the rest. You'll get resources for disbanding your troops, which you can spend upgrading items and units.


Always train your units. The wooden box resource is basically only used for training, so you should spend it whenever you have it. Plus, you can still use a unit while they are going through training.

And you don't need to wait for the entire timer to tick down. At about one minute to go you can expedite the process for free.

Guild wars

You definitely want to join a guild, as the advantages are huge.


Not only do you get to take a free unit with you on each mission, but as guilds level up you'll unlock perks that give you discounts, shorten wait timers, and gift you bonus XP.

You'll also get big bonuses from going on guild raids and faction wars. You can start to compete in competitive matches after hitting level four.

Quick fights

Quick fights can be good on particularly tough missions, as you're basically guaranteed a win if your team power meets or exceeds the requirements.

However, it will wear out your entire team so only do this if your backup crew is ready or if you're ready to shut down for the night.

On the battlefield

Okay, you're now ready for battle. Here's how to survive.

First Wave

Look for the marker that tells you which zombie horde will appear first, and place the majority of your units near to that spawn point. You will likely have time to generate a second batch of units before the second wave of zombies appears at another spawn point.

Put paramedics with your melee units. You shouldn't need to heal your ranged fighters: if the zombies have got that far, you need to rethink your strategy.

You can't move units far from their spawn point, but sometimes it's just enough to allow ranged units to shoot at zombies. So make good use of this feature.


There's no cost or penalty for using items like the blue goop and flare gun. So use the goop as soon as it's available, to start charging up the next dose. The flare gun should be saved for when you need to lure zombies away from your melee frontline to give them a chance to heal.

You should also zoom out so you can keep an eye on all zombie spawn points simultaneously. And remember that tome slows down when you're dragging a unit onto the play field. Use these precious few seconds to make tactical decisions.

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