Zombie-slaughtering film tie-in World War Z now available on iOS and Android

When there's no more room in Hollywood

Zombie-slaughtering film tie-in World War Z now available on iOS and Android
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*New trend alert!* *New trend alert!* You're now more likely to see official games of blockbuster movies turn up on smartphones and tablets than on the big-boy consoles.

It's true.

It's a sensible move by the film companies, for it opens their promotional tie-ins up to a bigger audience and lowers the risk at the same time.

This has, unfortunately, led to a rise in awful, undercooked cash-ins on the App Store.

Phosphor Games Studios's new iOS and Android game World War Z is a different story, though. You see, this is an entertaining and intuitive FPS set in the same world as the movie of the same name.

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You can read more about it in our hands-on preview. But the gist of it is that Phosphor Games has tried to mitigate the issues typically associated with touchscreen shooters. Namely, the clumsy controls.

That means you can expect on-rails shooting, a distinct lack of a 'fire' button, and an emphasis on exploration over moving down endless hordes of the undead in a boxed-in arena in World War Z.

Whether or not Phosphor Games has successfully reinvented the touchscreen FPS remains to be seen.

You can, however, pick up World War Z from the Google Play Store for £3.30 [buy] and from the App Store as a Universal app for £2.99 / $4.99 [buy] right now.

Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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