Wordsmyth is a beautiful daily word game coming soon to iOS and Android

Wordsmyth is a beautiful daily word game coming soon to iOS and Android
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If you’re a fan of casual puzzle games that you can check in on from time to time, Wordsmyth looks to be a new contender of those types of games. It arrives on iOS next week.

In Wordsmyth, you’re given nine letters and tasked to create as many words as you can from just those characters. You’re told how many words can be created, and given a list of the ones you’ve already discovered, and there is even a hint system if you need it.

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This concept is refined into a beautiful, daily experience designed to provide a single point of calm and focus amongst the stresses of everyday life. You get a new collection of letters and words to find each day, making it a meditation of daily exercises that will slowly keep your brain entertained.

You can then customise the experience to include backdrops against your puzzle interface: moving scenes that include birds flocking, trees swaying and the sun setting as you find words. You can change all of this with different landscapes and colour palettes available, providing you with a fresh new experience each day.

“With my wife and I forced to work full time careers from home, schooling two young children and caring for our newborn - 2020 turned out to be a tough year,” says the Wordsmyth website. “We got on with it - we had to. But stress levels were high, and ways to unwind were few and far between. One shining beacon came in the form of a simple, paper desk calendar - each day containing a single brain teaser. This daily little challenge gave us a brief escape - a fraction of focus amongst the chaos.”

“So with lockdown in full force, I made myself a little app - a digital representation of a timeless word puzzle. A grid of letters, generated daily from a fresh 9 letter word, that the user would use to create as many words as they could. The simplicity of it felt right. It bridged the gap between a puzzle and a mindfulness tool.”

You can download Wordsmyth from the iOS App Store and Google Play on 25th February. It will be a paid title costing £2.99 and pre-orders are available now.

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