Where's My Water? on iOS updated with new acid-filled levels

Read on for Cranky's Story

Where's My Water? on iOS updated with new acid-filled levels
| Where's My Water?

Disney's surprisingly enjoyable water-based physics-puzzler Where's My Water? has received another slew of extra levels down its pipes.

Unlike earlier updates to the Pocket Gamer Silver Award winner, though, this one - entitled Cranky's Story - involves in-app purchases.

To explain: the Cranky's Story update adds 40 new levels to the Where's My Water? experience. Five of these new puzzles are given to you for free. Should you have a spare 69p / 99c knocking about, you can unlock the remaining 35 stages via a one-off IAP.

If you do decide to stump up the cash for that in-app purchase, you get a bonus treat. Disney calls this 'unexpected extra' Cranky's Challenge, which essentially amounts to 12 missions set in levels from the base game and four bonus stages.

It's over there!

As you can no doubt guess from the name of the update, these new levels don't focus on the plight of Swampy and his bath, but rather on Cranky the Alligator and his pursuit of algae-free food.

Remember, if you're having difficulties with any of the earlier levels, you can always check out our exhaustive Where's My Water? walkthrough and guide. We'll be adding in help for these new levels soon, so keep your eyes out for that.

Where's My Water? is available now as a Universal app for 69p / 99c.