Wave Wave gets a contentious overhaul in new iOS update

Wave goodbye to the old game

Wave Wave gets a contentious overhaul in new iOS update
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Addictive zig-zagging face-melter Wave Wave has been completely overhauled in its latest update - on iOS now, and coming eventually to Android.

It's still an impossibly hard game about darting through a gauntlet of spiky triangles while the camera spins and trance music pelts your ear drums. But it now has new visuals, different tracks, and more modes.

The new Wave Wave also lets you record your gameplay, thanks to Kamcord integration, and show your maximum suckitude off to the world.

App Store review

The update has received a mixed reception on the App Store. But you can still play some of the old game, if you miss it, through 'Legacy' mode. Developer Tom Janson says he's working on reincorporating more old stuff into that mode in updates.

Version 2.0 is free to new players. If you want to jump in for the first time, Wave Wave costs £1.99 / $2.99.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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