Nitrome moves into publishing with ridiculous bomb-dodger Ultimate Briefcase

Office worker versus bombs

Nitrome moves into publishing with ridiculous bomb-dodger Ultimate Briefcase

After years of creating loads of fun action-arcade games Nitrome is moving into publishing.

The first game it'll be publishing is Quite Fresh's Ultimate Briefcase.

It's made by a former Nitrome employee and involves dodging an onslaught of falling bombs with nothing but a briefcase. It's pretty ridiculous (which is a good thing).

The initial idea is survive by running around the single screen and avoiding the explosives. But that's not enough. You should also aim to collect the coins that the bombs drop upon impact.

With these, you can upgrade the power-ups inside the briefcase. You're also able to unlock new characters, each with their own special items, as well as unlock new areas.

As you can see in the gif below, one of those power-ups is being able to place a concrete slab in the air to provide temporary shelter from the explosions.

Ultimate Briefcase

Nitrome tells us that it'll be bringing Ultimate Briefcase to iOS and Android soon. We'll let you know exactly when that is as soon as we do.

Looking for a publisher?

If you're a developer who's interested in Nitrome's publishing programme, here's some more info about it...

Nitrome is focusing on working with developers rather than individual titles. Its hope is to get talented people who make the kinds of games it wants to publish in a secure position.

Developers will be consulted early on in a game's development to ensure it's something Nitrome wants to publish.

"Our hope is to enable developers to spend more time creating great content and less time on worrying who they might find to publish their next game," Nitrome said.

If you're interested in this opportunity then you can email Nitrome about it at [email protected].

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