Pocket Gamer talks to Cuz Perry about turning Transformers into a mobile fighter

The Creative Director, no less

Pocket Gamer talks to Cuz Perry about turning Transformers into a mobile fighter

Transformers: Forged to Fight is an upcoming action-packed fighter that's all set to launch on iOS and Android in spring 2017.

It builds on the touch-based fighting mechanics seen in Marvel: Contest of Champions but introduces 3D arenas, ranged combat, and transformations to the mix.

And the best part - you can play as your favourite Autobots and Decepticons, including Optimus Prime and Megatron.

To learn more about this beautiful brawler, we reached out to Creative Director Cuz Perry and asked what the Transformers franchise adds to the fighting experience, how the controls work on mobile, and the plans following launch.

What does the Transformers franchise bring to the table that sets it apart from other fighting games?

Transformers are giant robots that can turn into awesome vehicles and blast each other from a distance - two key aspects we wanted to turn into fighting mechanics for Forged to Fight.

Blasting an opponent across a 2D arena wasn’t much fun until we went 3D and introduced side stepping. Then you could dash backwards or forwards to defend or attack, and sidestep an opponent’s ranged projectile attacks - it's really fun.

Then we have the heavy transformation attacks, which can be used at any time and turn your character into a variety of vehicles or weaponry.

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These add a ton of strategy, and you'll need to learn all of them so you can figure out how best to use and avoid them.

How have you adapted the complex control scheme associated with the genre for mobile?

Thanks to Marvel: Contest of Champions, our studio has considerable experience making fighters work on mobile. Forged to Fight is basically an evolution of that, adding more skill, depth, and strategy to the experience - particularly in terms of team building, fighter selection, and the RPG elements.

How do you plan to monetise Forged to Fight?

It's free-to-play, so all players will have access to the same content. We work hard to ensure the game is balanced, so that those who choose to spend money don't have an advantage against players who choose to take time acquiring the same assets.

Do you think the experience could be translated to VR or AR, and do you have any plans to work on these new formats?

As a studio we always want to push our skill, tech, and creativity. The advances being made in VR and AR definitely have piqued the curiosity of quite a few people on our team.

It’s a bit early to say where that leads us, or if it’s what Transformers fans really want, but we are keeping an eye on the progress being made in those fields.