Total War Battles: Shogun marches onto the Google Play Store

Gold Award-winning RTS finally arrives on Android

Total War Battles: Shogun marches onto the Google Play Store

The Creative Assembly's Gold Award-winning mobile RTS Total War Battles: Shogun has finally shifted across the lanes and made an appearance on the Google Play Store.

The dev was lauded in our review for the way in which it successfully squishes a deep, feature-rich real-time strategy game into delicious pocket-sized morsels.

Alongside a ten-hour single-player campaign, Total War Battles: Shotgun features a one-on-one, same-device multiplayer mode and a Skirmish mode that lets you try your hand at six standalone battles.

In this Skirmish mode, you work your way up the online leaderboards to prove you're the greatest warlord feudal Japan has ever seen.

Golden samurai

If our review isn't enough to sway you, be aware that Total War Battles: Shotgun recently received the prestigious Golden Cube at the Unity awards in Amsterdam, a prize given out every year for the best overall game built using the 3D engine.

The game is out on the Google Play Store right now under the moniker Total War Battles, and is priced £2.99 / $4.99.

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