Tony Hawk's Proving Ground ollies onto mobile

Better late than never, eh?

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground ollies onto mobile

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk was last spotted on mobile back in 2006, with the fun Tony Hawk's Project 8, but now he's back.

Specifically, he's back with a mobile version of Tony Hawk's Proving Ground, which originally came out on console last year. The mobile game's being released by In-Fusio.

It takes a 2D perspective, and has all the flipping, grinding and triple-salco kickflip-ollies you'd expect.

However, the mobile game will also make a feature of character development, with the choices you make as you play influencing how your skater evolves.

(Sadly, that's probably not in a Spore way, by adding extra eyes and tails to your character.)

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground is due out soon for phones.