App Army Assemble: Tiny Bubbles - A clever, beautiful puzzler?

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App Army Assemble: Tiny Bubbles - A clever, beautiful puzzler?

One look at Tiny Bubbles and you'll basically get what the game is shooting for - lovely graphics, and simple puzzle action.

The combo proved a big hit with us and scored a Gold Award from our reviewer, who called it "a clever and addictive experience that keeps things simple in the best way".

But what we think isn't always that important. So we handed the game off to our App Army, a group of eager mobile gaming fans, to see what they thought of the adorable puzzler.

Raman Sharma (iPhone 6s)

I have played so many matching games, but this game really stands out. The gameplay is simple but exciting. What makes this game interesting is that the player doesn’t need to swap bubbles to match them. Instead there are plain bubbles that can be filled with color, or colored bubbles can be transformed to a different color.

There's no limit on the number of bubbles you can match, but it has to at least be four. It's so fun to see the bubbles getting popped.

Tips and hints are provided if you get stuck, and I liked the way they are introduced. There's a lot to explore, like new mechanics (using scissors, mixing colors, etc.) and the goals of the levels keep changing. The graphics and music are awesome, I recommend using headphones for the best experience.

Mark Abukoff (iPhone 7)

I really didn't expect to like this game. I get bored with puzzle games and I rarely like "cutesy" games, and Tiny Bubbles is a cute puzzle game.

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But it's also smart. I like the art/science lesson of mixing colors, and the changing puzzles of popping bubbles. The music is typical for this kind of game, and there are hints for when you get stumped. All in all, a pleasant diversion that encourages you to think.

Dani Bond

I've only played about an hour, but I'm really enjoying this game so far. I love that it makes me think without being too difficult. So far all the new skills and lessons have been introduced gradually and well explained. Can't wait to play more.

Dries Pretorius (iPad Air)

It's a match four, but the ability to mix colours adds a hidden dimension. After making a move, there is a brief moment where the consecutive move doesn't count for a turn. This encourages you to figure out a possible solution, then punch your colours into the bubble in a way that feels really smooth and clever.

The difficulty curve is really gentle, and puzzles are kept interesting with alternative win conditions or tweaks to gameplay. When a hardcore puzzler gets me down, Tiny Bubbles is there to nurture my spirit like a good friend and remind me that feeling smart can be fun too.

Paul Manchester

Yawwwwwn . . . this is one of the greatest sleep enabling apps on the market. For those wanting a challenge, you can try and complete as many levels as possible before falling unconscious.

If this sounds like something you need in your life (insomniacs should snap this up), then good luck to you. It's not that I hate this game but it easily falls into the "instantly forgettable" category.

Ed Davis

I do enjoy a simple puzzle game and this definitely meets the criteria of simple. The idea of matching colours to eliminate them from the board isn't a new one, but I feel it has been well executed here. The animations are smooth and the game has an overall "relaxing" feel to it. This is a game that I might play during a quick coffee break, as each level lasts merely seconds.

Roman Valerio (iPad Air, iOS 11.3.1)

The goal is pretty simple - to make bubbles pop into thin air to create combinations of four or more same coloured ones. There are two things that would enhance my appreciation of this puzzler: the undo button and the ability to play in landscape mode.

Despite this being a high-quality title, I feel like the developer is about 4-5 years late with their brainchild, given the current state of the App Store.

Marc Russell (iPhone 6)

You are presented with some bubbles which you either have to remove from the play area or reduce the overall size of to complete the level. The main difference between this version of a matching game is others is that the bubbles, being fluid, move about when you remove adjacent ones – much the same way a real bubble bursting amidst a bunch makes all the others slide around.

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The game has a very nice art style, with mellow music and watery sounds. It's neither hard nor easy and is a great little game to play. Recommended.

Daan Gerrits (iPad 2018)

At first I thought it was a simple colour-matching game, but the fact that every level is different really is a big plus. The colours are incredible and the game has this chill vibe that I really like. If you want a game that's good for a quick level at the bus stop, this is it.

Oksana Ryan

This game is really enjoyable in short bursts. The gameplay is straightforward and the music is tranquil and suits the mood of the game.

I managed to unlock several sections and found the game too easy to play for long periods of time—there just isn't enough to keep your concentration occupied. But it is great for wiling away the odd ten or fifteen minutes when you're craving a game fix.

Quincy Jones (iPhone 8 Plus)

While this might be a lot of people's cup of tea, even the addition of mixing colours couldn't make me love it.

I've played way too many match games and though there are some nice variations added here, after a few levels that feeling of déjà vu was hard to shake. If you're in need of another match X game, it's better than most.

Elizabeth M. Eagen-Jones
Elizabeth M. Eagen-Jones
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