The Walking Dead: March to War's new trailer gives us a first look at the game

And it's looking good, honey

The Walking Dead: March to War's new trailer gives us a first look at the game

With The Walking Dead: March to War's release nearing, Disruptor Beam has released a brand new blog post complete with the game's first trailer.

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In the blog post, the folks at Disruptor run through some of the main points about the series, such as how March to War fits in with the comic books series, what type of game it is, how it'll differ from other survival/resource management games, and more.

The trailer, on the other hand, offers up a more detailed look into what you can expect from the game. From familiar faces to rebuilding iconic areas like the Pentagon, the actual world looks pretty big. We also get snippets of how character stats will work, each character carrying statistics for Power, Leadership, Load, Gather Speed, March Speed, their Talents, a character quote, and what looks like an achievement or collectibles bar down the bottom.

Granted, the game's performance looks a little shaky but that could be down to the recording software or just on the fact there's a little more to do in terms of refinement.

TWD: March to War will be coming to iOS and Android later this summer.

Emily Sowden
Emily Sowden
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