How to find the treasure - The Voyage walkthrough and puzzle guide (Part 1)

Marley's Marbles! Wooden Shapes! Sequence Device! Treasure Hunting! More!

How to find the treasure - The Voyage walkthrough and puzzle guide (Part 1)
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So, you're after Velvet Marley's treasure, are you? But you're stuck on a tricky riddle and need a solution. Well it's good job you found us, then, isn't it?

We're putting together a full guide to piratical puzzle adventure The Voyage, which is the new puzzle compendium from The Curse developer Mojo Bones.

For the most part, the puzzles are randomly generated, so we can only provide advice and emotional support.

For the puzzles that have set solutions, though, you'll find videos and screenshots below so you don't need to waste money on hint coins.

Part 1 covers the first ten types of puzzle you'll come across. We'll follow up with solutions for the other 19 types of puzzle soon.

Gemstones (Pages 1, 39, and 57) Gemstones

Rules: "Remove all gems from the board. Tap connected gems to remove them from the board. Single gems cannot be tapped. Continue to remove germs until all are removed. The puzzle will fail if there are no moves left."

The layout of the gemstones is randomly generated, so we can't provide an exact guide of where to tap. However, here's some general advice.

Don't leave behind single gems. It's a good idea to work from the bottom to make single gems fall down and join with groups of gems of the same colour.

You can't have empty columns, so the gems will automatically shunt over to fill in empty sections. Use this to your advantage.

Marley's Marbles (Pages 2, 29, 46, 67, 85, and 99) Marleys Marbles

Rules: "Leave only one marble on the board. Tap and drag a marble to roll it. Hit other marbles to knock them off the board. Chain actions can also be used. Work until only one marble remains."

Follow the instructions in the six videos below to complete these puzzles:

Marley's Marbles 1 (Page 2) Solution:

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Marley's Marbles 2 (Page 29) Solution:

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Marley's Marbles 3 (Page 46) Solution:

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Marley's Marbles 4 (Page 67) Solution:

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Marley's Marbles 5 (Page 85) Solution:

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Marley's Marbles 6 (Page 99) Solution:

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Button Box (Pages 3, 38, and 88) Button Box

Rules: "Depress all buttons before the time expires. Tap a button to activate it. Buttons will stay depressed if the correct sequence is entered. Discover the sequence within the time to complete the puzzle."

The button sequences are randomised, so we can't tell you exactly which ones to hit. But just hit random buttons until you find one that depresses (now you know this is button one).

Then, hit another random button. If it doesn't depress, start again with button one. If it depresses, it's button two. Keep repeating this, and memorising the positions of the buttons in order until all are depressed.

Treasure Hunting (Pages 4, 32, and 59) Treasure Hunting

Rules: "Match the position of the buried treasure markers. Memorise the treasure marker positions until they disappear. Then place the statues on their corresponding markers and tap the 'End' button to reveal them. Match all to win."

This is a puzzle for your memory. But if you get stuck, you can always take a photo of the screen with another device and use that as reference. Who said cheaters never prosper?

Spark and Fuse (Pages 5, 36, and 72) Spark and Fuse

Rules: "Extinguish the spark at the designated time. Tap the start button to ignite the spark. Use your internal clock to keep track of time and press the stop button when you feel the target is reached."

There are many ways to help you count in seconds. For example, saying the word 'Mississippi' between numbers makes you count in roughly second-long steps.

If you get stuck, use a stopwatch (or the Clock app on an iOS device) to know the exact number of seconds that have passed since you hit start.

Laundry Line (Pages 6, 27, and 52) Laundry Line

Rules: "Study the clothing and look for the odd one out. Look at the clothing as it scrolls across the screen. There will be one unique piece that look slightly different to the others. Tap the chosen item to select it."

The placement and even the specific unique properties of the clothing changes randomly when you play, so we can't give exact details.

So, try to quickly scan the three new items as they appear on the left side of the screen to narrow your search. That should help you focus more intently on the subtle changes.

Labyrinth (Pages 7, 19, 48, 69, 87, 100) Labyrinth

Rules: "Guide the marble to the exit zone. Tap the screen when you are ready and then slowly tilt the carefully roll the marble. Avoid the holes and reach the exit to win."

We can't really help with these. The only advice we can offer is to hold your phone perfectly flat before tapping the screen so the calibration is perfect. Other than that - be careful, take it slowly, and plan your route before you start rolling.

Wooden Shapes (Pages 8, 22, 34, 50, and 70) Wooden Shapes

Rules: "Fit the shapes within the silhouette. Drag a wooden shape to move it and tap to rotate it. The shapes will automatically snap together if the correct layout is closely matched."

Just follow the answers seen in the screenshots below to solve these puzzles:

Wooden Shapes

Wooden Shapes 1 (Page 8) / Wooden Shapes 2 (Page 22)

Wooden Shapes

Wooden Shapes 3 (Page 34) / Wooden Shapes 4 (Page 50)

Wooden Shapes

Wooden Shapes 5 (Page 70)

Water Blocks (Pages 9, 28, 44, 63, 82 and 96) Water Blocks

Rules: "Guide to the water towards the joke. The water will begin flowing when the statue stops flashing. Tap the blocks to create a path for the water. If the water gets blocked the puzzle will fail."

These maps are randomly generated, so you're on your own. Here's some advice, though...

Sometimes, because of the random layout of the tiles, you can actually make a very short route that ignores half of the screen. So, don't feel an obligation to use every tile on display, as they aren't always needed.

If you find the solution early, you can press 'End' to instantly send the water to the exit.

Sequence Device (Pages 10, 33, 47, 66, 84, and 98) Sequence Device

Rules: "Identify the correct sequence. The six symbols all have a logical sequence , when read from top left the bottom right. Study them and decipher the correct order. Drag a reel up/down to make your choice."

Here are the answers to these six puzzles:

Sequence Device

Sequence Device 1 (Page 10) / Sequence Device 2 (Page 33)

Sequence Device

Sequence Device (Page 47) / Sequence Device (Page 66)

Sequence Device

Sequence Device (Page 84) / Sequence Device (Page 98)

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