EA sells a million The Sims 2 games on mobile in Europe

We should go on a Million Sim March or something

EA sells a million The Sims 2 games on mobile in Europe
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You may believe that mobile games are a quirky, underground pursuit – we certainly like to don our revolutionary bandanas and strike Che Guevara poses on occasion.

But when Electronic Arts announces it's sold one million copies of The Sims 2 in Europe, it's harder to keep up the pretence.

Imagine a million people saying: "Hello? I'm on the phone!" That's a lot of people.

Of course, it helps that The Sims 2 is a great mobile game, as Stuart Dredge found in his review for us. In the long-term, quality will out.

And interestingly mobile games are proving to have a longer term shelf-life than normal games. EA says it's sold its million Sims 2s in 'just' seven months, but conventional games would probably have gone into the bargain bin in under half that time.

EA next plans to launch The Sims 2 Pets for mobile in Europe later this year. You'll be able to choose the appearance and gender of your sims' pet, then teach it new tricks or take it for a romp in the park.

It sounds, ahem, barking. Bookmark Pocket Gamer for our review when it comes out.