[Update] Prepare to enter The Room 2 on December 12th on iPad

Boxing clever (Updated: coming to iPhone and Android in 2014)

[Update] Prepare to enter The Room 2 on December 12th on iPad
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Updated on November 19th, at 15:36: Whoops! The Room 2 will only be available on iPad at launch. It will hit iPhone and Android in 2014.

According to developer Fireproof Games, the sequel to brilliant box-opening simulator The Room - recipient of a PG Gold Award and selected as Apple's iPad Game of 2012 - will go live on the App Store on December 12th.

Like before, you'll be solving tricky logic puzzles and opening impossibly intricate boxes as you hunt down clues about the mysterious null element.

In our brief hands-on with The Room 2, we noted that you can wander about the eponymous room in this sequel as you untangle the mysteries in multiple boxes.

"Where before progression was found in the shrinking, reshaping puzzle box that dwelt at the very centre of everything, here you actually move from place to place, manipulating new shapes and discovering new secrets," Harry explained.

We can't wait. The sequel should cost £2.99 / $4.99.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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