The Guides walkthrough and puzzle guide - Section 1

Solutions to puzzles 1 - 25 inside

The Guides walkthrough and puzzle guide - Section 1
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The Guides is a tricky game about decrypting codes, figuring out ciphers, and trying to find patterns. It's not for the faint hearted, that's for sure.

That's while you'll probably want a guide to, erm, The Guides. And that's exactly what this is: a complete walkthrough for the first section (and the first 25 puzzles within) so you won't get stuck.

Let us know if you need help on later chapters and we'll put together puzzle solutions for those sections, too.

Section 1 - Puzzle 1 The Guides

Press the circle, and then press the "Y" button to start the game.

Section 1 - Puzzle 2 The Guides

Press the top circle, which is higlighted in red, to begin.

Section 1 - Puzzle 3 The Guides

Press the circles in this order, as denoted by the coloured numbers? brown, orange, brown, orange, orange, brown.

Section 1 - Puzzle 4 The Guides

Type the word "four" into the text box below.

Section 1 - Puzzle 5 The Guides

Tap on the circles with red outlines to switch them between 0s and 1s. Make the black circles into 0s, and the orange circles into 1s, as shown above.

Section 1 - Puzzle 6 The Guides

To solve this, you'll need to use the decoder. Open it up by pressing the arrow in the bottom right corner, and then type in a letter to get the binary code, or a binary code to get the letter. Type in all four binary strings at the top of the page and you'll get the translate S T O P. Type this into the answer area to continue.

Section 1 - Puzzle 7 The Guides

Type in 4251, the input settings shown on the photo. You'll need to press the shift button on the keyboard to see the number row.

Section 1 - Puzzle 8 The Guides

The answer to this one is obviously "C"

Section 1 - Puzzle 9 The Guides

Scroll down this page until you see a letter C that is flashing red. Tap on it.

Section 1 - Puzzle 10 The Guides

A number of letters are now highlighted in red. If you read them as one word they spell "night". Type that into the answer space to continue.

Section 1 - Puzzle 11 The Guides

Another string of characters will be revealed. This time they spell out "namuhylnomai". Reverse it, and type "I am only human" into the answer space.

Section 1 - Puzzle 12 The Guides

On this page, a number of letters have been highlighted in yellow, orange, and blue. They spell out "persistence", "diversion", and "misdirection". The correct answer is "persistence". Type it in and continue.

Section 1 - Puzzle 13 The Guides

On this screen you must line up the dials, by making the tiny half-circles into complete circles. It doesn't matter which orientation the dials up in. See the image above for help.

Section 1 - Puzzle 14 The Guides

On this one, we really need to use the clue - which says "Reference: 01.07". That points us to the photograph from puzzle 7, where we'll see the word "division" is highlighted. With this in mind, you should divide XII (12) by IV (4) to get 3. Type in 3 or III to proceed.

Section 1 - Puzzle 15 The Guides

On this screen we will see three orange arrows pointing left. This means that we need to take every letter, and go back three spaces in the alphabet. With this in mind, V becomes S, K becomes H, etc. Type the converted word - SHIFT - into the answer space to move on.

Section 1 - Puzzle 16 The Guides

A similar trick is used on this screen, but four steps back instead of three. Don't worry, you needn't puzzle it out: there's a new decoder you can use. Type PMOI E FEH WXEV into the decoder, and set the shift to 4. You'll get the answer, "Like a bad star". Use this as your answer to continue the game.

Section 1 - Puzzle 17 The Guides

On this screen you need to press the dots in the correct order. Tap them in the order shown above to open the next screen.

Section 1 - Puzzle 18 The Guides

Morse code time! You don't have a decoder yet so you'll have to find a morse code alphabet (or an old sea captain) on the internet (or at the docks). Or you can just type in SIGNAL and be done with it.

Section 1 - Puzzle 19 The Guides

Another morse code puzzle. This time you have access to a decoder which will tell you that the answer is SKY.

Section 1 - Puzzle 20 The Guides

A surprisingly easy puzzle. Just type in the letters that have a red number next to them, in numerical order. The word is DELAYED.

Section 1 - Puzzle 21 The Guides

Slide the page across to reveal some strange computer characters. You'll see the word "SDVW". Use the shift decoder and shift the letters 3 spaces to get the answer: PAST.

Section 1 - Puzzle 22 The Guides

Move the overlay on the screen, like above, and then type in the letters in order of the numbers below the letters. The word you'll type in will be CEREBRAL.

Section 1 - Puzzle 23 The Guides

This one isn't too hard. Type VG VF FVZCYR into the decoder, and shift it by 13 - the number of circles spinning around the letters. The phrase IT IS SIMPLE will appear. Type that in as your answer.

Section 1 - Puzzle 24 The Guides

On this screen, you'll need to use the binary decoder to read the six letters at the top of the screen. If you do so, the phrase SENSES will appear. Type it as your answer, smarty pants.

Section 1 - Puzzle 25 The Guides

Finally, to finish the chapter press the buttons in the order show on the image above.

Let us know if you want a guide to chapter two.