The Executive is a deep, if repetitive, beastie brawler

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The Executive is a deep, if repetitive, beastie brawler
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Each week, we ask members of our App Army and ask for their feedback on the latest and greatest releases on mobile. One top pick this week was Riverman Media's off the wall brawler, The Executive.

Let's see what our App Army had to say...

The Executive is a fast-paced side-scrolling beastie-bashing beat 'em up with a side of endless runner. After playing the first two levels I was hooked.

The art style's really cool. Not a huge fan of the music and sound though. I can see myself playing this for a while as long as each level shakes things up enough.

I would call The Executive a fast-paced brawler. I find the main character animation a little stiff, but other than that it's great fun.

I like the art style too, and Kainen is right about the music, although I do like the tune on the upgrade screen. I can see myself playing this a few times, but I'm not sure it's enough to keep me hooked until the end.

The Executive is a little deeper than I first thought. You can boost your stats and buy upgrades... including a flame kick. Oh yes, flame kicks. Mmmmmm.

At the moment I'm finding it a tad repetitive, but hopefully that'll change soon.

I've played through the first few levels and will gladly play through many more. Although the the concept isn't a new one, I feel that The Executive executes its mechanics very well.

Why is an executive battling wolves though? Who knows? The idea that you invest in the market to earn more money for upgrading your character is a nice touch though.

So... it's static Mortal Kombat with vague RPG elements?

Nope. It's a little more that that. It's got endless running for a start.

The Executive is a quite fun. With the levels I've played so far I've seen a difficulty increase as well as a host of new creatures to fight, like a wereboar!

It's an action-packed game, and there are times I have to grind a little bit to get the money to upgrade my stats.

Sometimes I can brute force my way through the level, other times I have to take a step back and cool down a little from frustration. Nevertheless, I'm enjoying the game.

It's getting a little rinse and repeat now, but I'm surprised on how well it's held me so far. Werewolves, bats, skulls, and big pig men really help mix things up variation-wise.

There's also a frog-man in a suit with a sword and shield. You gotta love it.

Funny, strange and addictive, but a little repetitive. With just one finger, I've fended off werewolves, frogs, and bats.

You'll love the simplicity and progression for your executive man, you romp around, destroy creatures, and earn money to spend. Then repeat.

I'm on a rooftop now. Killing THE BLOB!

I agree, the game does seem a bit repetitive. For now though, I'm hooked. I'm happy to continue playing because I always feel like there's something to do.

I... may not reach this. It's a lot.

At £0.0049/s, I'd say Hell might freeze over before you can afford that!

The RPG elements are pretty cool, and I think the artwork great, but you're all right in it being repetitive. Pretty fun while it lasts, though.

Other beasties you can fight include a firefighter bull, a police bull, and... a wolf ghost! When you open the book in the top right corner, you'll see there are 57 monsters to unlock. Plenty to keep you busy.

The Executive is a fun enough arcade game, where you can punch and kick things. That's pretty much it.

I had fun in the first couple of rounds, but it gets old playing the same stage over and over again, especially after dying because you have so little health. I love the graphic style though, and it is a neat little game.

The Executive is a peculiar game, although that's to be expected from the developer of Pizza vs. Skeletons.

The game is a mixture of a freerunner and Infinity Blade, with a taste of a Cookie Clicker for good measure (in terms of the mining shop).

It can get a bit frustrating and boring though, as you can't advance without upgrading your skills, which keep getting more and more expensive at a crazy rate.

All things aside I think the game is a lot of fun, and I'm definitely keeping this on my device for a while.

Yes, The Executive is what you'd expect from the Pizza vs. Skeletons devs. I enjoy the mechanics - it's a combination of tapping in the battle sections and swiping in the running sections.

I think the beasts you fight look great, but their attack patterns are too predictable. You'll quickly realise the timing for when to attack and when to defend.

The Executive is a very exciting at first, but this excitement wears off too quickly for me.

The game seems to get stranger as you progress but this seems to draw me in more.

I now have no clue as to what's going on, but know I must keep battling werewolves, strange pigmen, flying bat things, floating skulls and some weird goo!

Ah, weird goo... how I miss thee with your hand that swipes out at me.

It's an interesting game for sure, where else will you find a corporate takeover of monsters on a seemingly casual Friday?

It's an old school brawler where you're instructed to punch and kick your way out of mindless situations.

It all looks good, and the action is entertaining, but it feels like it should have been made a few years ago before the market got saturated with these games.

While I'll admit that it is a lot of fun, it's a bit repetitive and the sections where you break things and run up walls do little to really add anything to the gameplay.

It's a one-trick pony, but a fun ride all the same.

I enjoyed playing The Executive a lot more than I thought I would, as fighter games aren't my cup of tea.

The developers have managed to include a nice range of attack and defence moves that you can use with just this one touch, which is great for mobile.

The inclusion of the business upgrades as part of the game works well, as it integrates nicely with the rest of the game. I like the quick time events in between battles, but It would be better if they were more varied.

All in all, I've found The Executive an enjoyable romp, with a few different elements that all come together in an enjoyable, unified experience.

The Executive is fun. It has a weird premise with controls that boggles my mind. That isn't to say they're bad, they're just hard to wrap my brain around.

Switching from attacks on the right side and blocks on the left to the other way around was very hard and caused me a great deal of frustration and plenty of in-game deaths.

The game is weird and darkly quirky. There's plenty to do too. You can upgrade your character as well as your business so you can earn more money. Check it out!

Just hit level 30 and I'm still going! With so many monsters and great difficulty progression, I'm finding this really addictive.

Really Olivier? I didn't have time to make it that far yet. I will though. Good to know it doesn't stop changing after the first few levels.

I think the main thing that I'm struggling with is how much storage space The Executive uses up. It's 1.2GB on my phone. That seems like quite a lot for such a casual game.

I know there's a lot to do, but there isn't a massive story or anything. Maybe I'll be able to put this back on my phone once app thinning becomes available later this year.

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