Bethesda feels 'it's critical' that Sony support The Elder Scrolls: Legends crossplay

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Bethesda feels 'it's critical' that Sony support The Elder Scrolls: Legends crossplay

As The Elder Scrolls: Legends prepares to launch on Switch and other consoles, Bethesda is seriously weighing its crossplay options, however Sony could throw a wrench in those plans if it refuses to cooperate.
"...For Legends it's absolutely critical," Pete Hines, senior vice president of marketing and communication for Bethesda, told EuroGamer, "both cross-play, which is how Legends works right now on every device – you're playing against somebody who could be on any device – and, more importantly, cross-platform progression, which means no matter what you do on any platform, you load up the game and so long as you're logged in, here is all your progression, here is everything you had, everything you were doing."

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Hines emphasized that Bethesda works closely with not only Sony, but also Nintendo, Microsoft, Android, and Google to tackle any issues surrounding cross-play. If Sony continues to refuse, folks may not be able to play with friends who use the PlayStation 4.

"I imagine the answer is fairly dire but I don't want to jump to conclusions yet because there's a lot of space between 'yes' and 'no',” Hines explained when pressed if Bethesda would launch the game without a PlayStation 4 port, “what if they say 'no' to this but 'yes' to this?”

Most consoles support crossplay, but Sony, in a stubborn move that is well behind the times, continues to refuse to cooperate. The company recently angered fans when it banned users’ Fortnite accounts if they log into the game on Nintendo Switch or another system. The company as yet has only weakly addressed what has become a huge debacle in the video game world. A staunch proponent of cross-console play, Bethesda head Todd Howard has already openly spoken about Sony’s un-moving stance and how it will affect future Bethesda games.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is out now on iOS and Android, and will be arriving on Switch later this year.