The Dark Meadow going free on iOS, hitting Android this week

Cheap thrills

The Dark Meadow going free on iOS, hitting Android this week
| The Dark Meadow

Last year’s atmospheric adventure The Dark Meadow is pulling a couple surprises this week.

Phosphor Games is not only going to be bringing it to the Android platform, but both the iOS original and Android versions will be made available for free.

Creepy crawlers

The game still takes place in a creepy hospital and the blend of combat and exploration keeps The Dark Meadow somewhere between Infinity Blade and Myst.

The new version will make the scary game easier to navigate, as now players can jump around to specific areas quicker. The already-sharp visuals have also gotten an upgrade, too, with the Android tablet demo we saw looking pretty darn smooth.

The update also adds in more creatures. One of the criticisms of the original version was the repetitive combat, so the bigger variety of bad guys is definitely a welcome move.

Spooky (free) stuff

The biggest concern, however, are for the folks that plunked down their cash for the game since its Halloween release. Phosphor Games Co-Founder and Director Chip Sineni assured us that the early adopters would be compensated.

“For the people who paid earlier, [The Dark Meadow] will get rid of the one in-game ad we have,” Sineni says. “We’ll also give them [approximately] $10 worth of in-game stuff.”

We weren’t too charmed with The Dark Meadow the first time around, with Chris Schilling calling it a “fascinating, but flawed adventure”.

However, hands-on with the updated version was promising and, perhaps, may be enough to win over new fans.