How to kill terrorists in double-quick time in Tempo: Hints, tips, and tricks

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How to kill terrorists in double-quick time in Tempo: Hints, tips, and tricks
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Tempo is a slick mobile-focused shooter with a few tricks up its sleeve. Its biggest trick, perhaps, is that it's not really a shooter.

Instead it's a series of quick-fire quick time events that let you pull the trigger, mash baddies in the face, and kick down doors.

It's dramatic, it's wonderfully well put together, and you can't help but smile when you pull off the final action in the nick of time.

But if you're a bit overwhelmed by it all, don't fret. In this handy guide we'll talk you through some tricks, tips, and tactics to make sure you're always a few seconds ahead of the bad guys.

Even more perfect perfects

Probably the toughest trick in our little bag is getting the perfect 'perfect'. You might notice that there's a pretty big chunk of each QTE dedicated to the yellow bar of success.

Completing the QTE successfully is one thing, but hitting them just right takes a lot of skill. Stopping the circle on the very edge of the yellow zone, or mashing your fingers quick enough that there's a good chunk of the challenge left.

There are ways to make your 'perfect's even more perfect. A good tip is to make sure you're always ready to hammer the screen with more than one finger on the strength tests.

And on the line-tracing events, the game will tell you where you're going to have to start by circling the node. You can carve a fraction of a second off your time by having your finger in place before the countdown begins.

Know your special moves

Different agents have different special moves, so it's important to know what you're dealing with when you stride out onto those mean London streets.

Perfect Boost makes the area to perfect your QTEs bigger. It's especially helpful in tough strength challenges, or if you find yourself missing the perfect zone in the tracing sections.

Perfect Charger gives you extra time for hitting a perfect. It's particularly useful if you're tackling a level where you keep just running out of time, or if you know there's a tricky section coming up that you might mess up.

Don't buy boosts for the first time you play a level either. Only use them when you know you're failing and you need an extra kick to get you through.

Know your agents

If you find yourself constantly failing a level by a pretty big margin, it could be because you're using an agent who isn't suited to the task.

Go back to the agent select screen and swipe through the different options. You'll see that each different character has a percentage next to their name.

This shows how likely they are to be successful in a given mission. If it's anywhere below 40 then you're going to have to play ridiculously well, with a lot of boosts equipped, and it's still pretty unlikely you'll finish in time.

If you want to strengthen up your team, you can head back and replay earlier levels, but usually it's a good bet that the latest agent you've rescued is going to be the one for the job.

Cold hard cash

Last but not least, it's worth heading back to missions you've finished when you've unlocked new characters. Pop on the Extra payout boost and you should increase your coffers pretty handsomely.

This will give you the edge if you come unstuck later in the game, letting you top up on Fail Protection and Extra Time boosts when you need them the most.