Dear developers: We've fixed your App Store screenshots for you

Guns be gone

Dear developers: We've fixed your App Store screenshots for you
| Tempo

Yesterday, we reported that Apple is cracking down on games that show firearms in their App Store screenshots, icons, and preview videos.

Developer War Chest, for example, chose to pixelate the weapons in the screenshots for its QTE action game Tempo to skirt the Apple ban.

But we reckon we can do better than that. Below, we've carefully hidden the guns in the screenshots for five iOS shooters in such a subtle way that you won't even realise they're gone!

Boom Beach Before: Hands up! Boom Beach After: Surf's up! Max Payne Before: Say hello to my little friend! Max Payne After: Honey, I'm home! Honey? Oh no! Now I must start a slow-motion quest for revenge Modern Combat 5 Before: Time to die, terrorist scum Modern Combat 5 After: These baguettes are to die for! Robocop Before: Your move, punk Robocop After: Does anyone know how to play this damn thing? Brothers in Arms Before: Bring it on, you Nazi butt heads! Brothers in Arms After: Listen here, Adolf. If you want to invade our country you better learn how to pogo.

Want to help? Fire up Photoshop and start hiding guns in App Store screenshots. Show us your handiwork in the comments below.