[Update] Sprint through the Whimsie Woods in Disney's Temple Run: Oz

Out now on iOS (Updated: now available on Android)

[Update] Sprint through the Whimsie Woods in Disney's Temple Run: Oz
Updated at 13:13, on March 13th: Temple Run: Oz has followed the Yellow Brick Road from iOS to Android, and is now available on Google Play.

You can download it for 65p / 99c [buy].

Original story follows...

Early last month, Disney France PR representative Cecile Fouques accidentally let slip that the House of Mouse was working with developer Imangi Studios on an Oz the Great and Powerful-based Temple Run spin-off.

Well, Temple Run: Oz has just sprinted onto the App Store, and is coming soon to Google Play.

This Oz the Great and Powerful tie-in game is built on the same engine as the hugely popular Temple Run 2, but features live environments based on locations from Disney's upcoming movie, such as the Whimsie Woods and the Dark Forest.

Down to it

Your job - as it always is in Temple Run games - is to run (and glide in a hot air balloon) as far as you possibly can.

This time around, though, you'll be sprinting along the infamous Yellow Brick Road, and trying to complete more than 100 unique objectives along the way.

Naturally, your path is littered with snap dragons, flying baboons, crumbling bridges, and other themed hazards, as well as collectible coins that you can spend on life-prolonging power-ups.

You can download Temple Run: Oz from the App Store [buy] right now, for 69p / 99c. It will dash onto Google Play soon.

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