Fancy a papercraft pig? Sony details pre-order bonuses for Media Molecule's Tearaway

High on the hog

Fancy a papercraft pig? Sony details pre-order bonuses for Media Molecule's Tearaway
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We've been pretty excited about Media Molecule's upcoming Vita adventure game Tearaway since we first heard about it and went hands-on with it.

Now, we have a whole new reason to be excited: pre-order bonuses.

Sony took to The PlayStation Blog on Thursday to announce a great number of goodies for those who order Tearaway in advance but mentioned that players will have to choose between two different bonus bundles.

The first bundle, dubbed the "Jukebox Pack", features a full copy of the Tearaway soundtrack along with a special bonus track. Additionally, the Jukebox Pack also comes with PSN avatars of Tearaway's two protagonists Iota and Atoi and a flashy new wallpaper for your Vita.

Pigging out

Alternatively, in the "Special Delivery Pack" you'll receive Iota and Atoi costumes for LittleBigPlanet, an exclusive skin for Tearaway's in-game ridable pig, and a printable papercraft plan of said pig.

Also, Tearaway will apparently feature a pig that you can ride on. We're positively squealing with delight!

Unfortunately, the blog post didn't mention which retailers would be offering the pre-order bonuses - or whether they'll make it to the US - but we'll keep you updated when we find out more.

Tearaway is due out in North America on October 22 and will come to Europe on October 23.

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