Teamfight Tactics set 5 – Reckoning: Everything you need to know

Teamfight Tactics set 5 – Reckoning: Everything you need to know

Fates mid-season set is about to be over and we are officially getting ready for the next season! The new Teamfight Tactics set 5, Reckoning, is just a couple of weeks away and it brings many changes to Teamfight Tactics.

But what do we really know about Reckoning as of yet? Well, actually, many things!

The story behind Teamfight Tactics set 5 - Reckoning

Through a mysterious portal, the Black Mist has found its way to the Teamfight Tactics universe and it’s corrupting everything in its path. A power so destructive that it’s distorting the balance between order and chaos. New champions, along with well-known characters from previous sets will join the ultimate clash for balance. Which side will you choose?

Of course, a good storyline is one thing and we can all appreciate it, but what about the actual gameplay? What new changes does Reckoning bring to TFT? The answer is simple - a lot! We are getting new champions, new traits, new game mechanic, new items and even a new game mode.

New mechanic and corrupted items

We’ve said that the Black Mist is changing everything and that goes for items as well. The new TFT mechanic is called Shadow Items. Shadow Components might appear in every carousel (after the first one), as well as in the Armory.

Armory is a pop-up shop where players can chose between two items. Those items might be Shadow components or normal ones. You can combine shadow and normal components to get a corrupted version of an item.

Teamfight Tactics set 5

Shadow items are the corrupted versions of the items that we all know, but with a twist. In general, the corrupted versions are more powerful than their normal counterparts, but they come with some short of a trade-off.

To give you an example, the corrupted version of Rabadon’s Deathcap will give you a lot more ability power than normal, but at the same time, the unit equiped with it will take more damage. A corrupted Guardian Angel, meanwhile, will revive a unit and fully restore its HP, but it will significantly drop its attack speed.

This new game mechanic will replace the old one, which means… no more Chosen trait!

TFT Labs

Teamfight Tactics labs will introduce new game modes to the regular TFT experience. The mode that we are getting this time is called Hyper-Roll.The purpose of this mode is to give players fast-paced games. The estimation is that each game will be around 15 minutes (or so). Now how does it work? Players will have just 10 HP and no gold, which means they can re-roll as much as they want (thus the Hyper-Roll name). Upon defeat you’ll take 1 HP damage, which can go up to 3 HP depending on what round you are on.

TFT labs are going to stick around for some time. How long? Depends on the players reception. If the playerbase embrace a new mode then it might stick around for the long run. Otherwise, it might leave to make room for a new mode.

A new pass will replace the old Fates pass

If you are familiar with Teamfight tactics already, then you know that with the start of every new season (set), we are getting a brand new pass. In the Reckoning pass, you will receive, as per usual, limited arenas, free eggs, emotes, star shards and exlusive Little Legends.

The pass become available on April 28th for the usual price (around 10 euros) and it will remain active until the end of the season. However you will be able to purchase the pass along with many extras once the bunddles will be released.

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