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Everything you need to know about the Teamfight Tactics Pass & Pass+

Everything you need to know about the Teamfight Tactics Pass & Pass+

Have you ever wondered Is the TFT Pass+ worth it? Or maybe you were curious to learn about the free loot you could get from the simple TFT Pass?  As someone who's been playing TFT since the very beginning, I'm here to tell you all about it.

So, let's start with the most basic info about the pass:

What is the TFT Pass?

The TFT pass is basically a seasonal pass for Teamfight Tactics, that gives lots of rewards for simply playing the game. There is also a TFT Pass+, that comes at 1295 RP, or around $10 (for the 1380 RP pack depending on your area). The latter will give a lot more rewards and pass-exclusive loot that you cannot obtain otherwise.

This pass is valid for the entirety of the TFT season, which usually lasts around 90 days total, so don't worry - you have plenty of time to complete all the missions and claim all the rewards, as long as you do your weekly missions!

Everything you need to know about the TFT Pass

- When you start playing TFT, you will receive EXP per game, and per win.
- You can still claim free TFT pass rewards, even without the Pass+ (which is the premium pass).
- Every week, no matter if you have a Pass+ or not, you will receive missions that give extra pass EXP.
- If you want to get extra eggs, Crystals to upgrade your Little Legends, and more, then you should consider investing in the Pass+ - it's worth it!
- Even if you won't buy the Pass+ from the very beginning, you can buy it later and claim the rewards. The EXP will count towards all the reward milestones, except for the pass+ exclusive ones (which you can only start gaining EXP for once you actually have the pass+).

What do the TFT pass and Pass+ include?

The TFT Pass contains only items specifically designed for TFT, such as emotes, Little Legends, Arenas, Booms, and much more. Some of the most common items found in the TFT pass are:

- 1 TFT season-themed, exclusive Little Legend skin for the Sprite (in Pass+)
- About 3-4 season Arena Skins
- Eggs (to hatch Little Legends)
- TFT-themed Emotes
- Random Emotes
- Booms (in Pass+)
- Star Shards (in Pass+, used to upgrade 1* Little Legends to 2*, and 2* to 3*)
- Extra rewards in the form of Eggs (from Pass+: 1 Legendary Little Legend Egg and a couple more Eggs)

Can I buy a TFT Pass if I don't play League of Legends?

The TFT pass will not affect the League of Legends game in any way, since the missions can only be completed by playing matches of Teamfight Tactics.

You can buy the pass (and you should) if you like Little Legends, Arenas, and pretty much every other exclusive content that will make you enjoy the game more.

Do I need a TFT Pass+ to play Teamfight Tactics?

No, you don't need a TFT pass to actually play the game. The game will reward players with extra content anyway, and you can still claim rewards (fewer, but still several) from the normal TFT Pass.

Is the TFT Pass+ worth it?

If you like limited-time collectibles and a lot of loot for your bucks, then it's definitely worth it. I'd say it's worth it for the Star Shards alone since you get enough to upgrade a couple of your favorite Little Legends to 3*.

When is the next TFT Pass going to be available?

The next TFT pass will be available with the next season update, which will commence on January 21, 2021.

Stay tuned for more upcoming news and guides about Teamfight Tactics!