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10 Tips and Tricks you need to know for Talking Tom & Friends Green Game Jam 2023 events

10 Tips and Tricks you need to know for Talking Tom & Friends Green Game Jam 2023 events

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As part of Playing for the Planet’s Green Game Jam 2023, My Talking Tom Gold Run and My Talking Angela 2 are getting a little “greener” thanks to their ongoing environmental events, running from now until June 12th. In Talking Tom Gold Run you will grow your own tree in the Grow & Go event, and in My Talking Angela 2, you will tend to your garden in the Flower Power event. Together with the games’ developers, we’ve put together the following tips to help you get the most out of each event.

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Read on to discover 5 tips for Talking Tom Gold Run’s Grow & Go (event).

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Collect water drops during runs

During this event, you’ll notice that along with the usual gold bars and power-ups, there are large water drops scattered around the running world. You need to collect these drops in order to be able to water your Grow & Go tree, so make it a priority to collect them. This might mean missing a few gold bars, but you can collect gold bars any time.

Know where to find drops

If you want to maximise the number of drops you find per run, then you need to know where to find the most drops, and where there won’t be any drops at all. The good news is that there is only one place where there are no drops, and that’s racing mode. So avoid that checkered flag during the Grow & Go event. Water drops are everywhere during regular runs, though. You’ll even find some in the sky if you jump into a plane. You’ll find the most drops inside worlds like the skateboarding world, or the wild west mine cart world, so look out for the exits to those worlds on the side of the track.

Win drops on the reward wheel

Talking Tom Gold Run has a reward wheel that you can get a chance to spin in return for watching an ad. And during the Grow & Go event, you’re guaranteed to win some drops in addition to whatever else you win on the reward wheel. The number of drops ranges from 15 to 45. To spin the wheel, tap the treasure chest on the main game screen or the watering can on the Grow & Go screen then, when the ad has finished, tap the SPIN IT button and wait for your prize.

Grow your tree

At the end of each run, you’ll get a results screen that includes the progress of your drops collection. You can tap on that progress bar to open the Grow & Go screen, or else tap on the water drop button on the main game screen. On this screen you can see your tree and the animals that are visiting it, and you can see the progress bar that shows you how many more drops you need to grow your tree and earn a reward. Once that progress bar is full, the GROW button will appear. Don’t forget to tap it, as you need to do so to grow your tree and claim your reward.

Claim your rewards

Growing a tree and seeing how it attracts more and more animals the bigger it gets is a reward in itself, but there are other rewards in the Grow & Go event. Every time you grow your tree, you get a reward. And the bigger your tree gets, the better the rewards. At first you’ll get a handful of currency, but eventually you’ll progress to vaults full of gems and even special outfits for your characters.

BONUS TIP: Give your environmental action a boost in Talking Tom Gold Run by using the promo code “TREE” for 300 extra water drops!

Read on for 5 tips for My Talking Angela 2 Flower Power event

Go out onto the balcony

The Flower Power event takes place on the balcony of Angela’s apartment, and there are four ways to get out there. Sometimes you’ll notice Angela thinking about bees. Tap the thought bubble with a bee in it to open the Flower Power screen. You’ll also sometimes get a full-screen pop-up during the event, and tapping the button on that screen will take you directly to the event. You can also usually find at least one Flower Power challenge in your calendar, and tapping the GO button on that challenge will take you to the event. And finally, the simplest way to get to the balcony is through Angela’s bedroom. To the right of Angela you should see a flower pot hanging in the doorway. Tap that flower pot to go out onto the balcony.

Plant any seeds you like

The goal in Flower Power is to attract bees, and nothing attracts bees better than a flower. Of course, to get a flower you’ll have to grow it from a seed. You’ll see that Angela is thinking of three particular flowers, but this is just a suggestion. You don’t have to match the flowers she’s thinking of, so plant whichever seeds you like. All of them will attract bees. There are lots of seeds to choose from, and you can scroll through the full range by tapping the left and right arrows at the bottom of the screen. To plant a seed, either tap the packet of seeds you want, or drag it to the planter. You can plant up to three seeds at a time.

Help your flowers grow

Flowers have needs just like Angela does, and they express their needs in a similar way too. By satisfying these needs they’ll grow faster. If a flower needs to hear some music, it’ll have a little speech bubble with a music note in it. Tap or drag the speaker off the shelf and some music will play. Angela will dance, and the flower will get a little growth boost. If a flower needs water, its soil will get dry and cracked and it’ll have a speech bubble with a water drop. Drag the watering can off the shelf and hold it over the flower until the soil is no longer cracked. Finally, thorny weeds will sometimes sprout around a flower. That’s when it’s time to drag the weed killer off the shelf and hold it near the weeds until they all disappear. You can also skip all the above by watching an ad in return for a growth potion, which will make a flower bloom instantly.

Attract as many bees as you can

Every flower that blooms on your balcony will attract bees. So, when you see a bee buzzing around a flower, tap that flower to add one bee to your count. Next to Angela there’s a flower button that tells you the number of bees you’ve attracted towards your next target. Tap that button to be taken to the Flower Power rewards screen, which shows you a more detailed view of your progress. When you’re done, tap the play button to return to the balcony.

Earn lots of Flower Power rewards

Playing the Flower Power event earns you two types of reward. The first type is a spin of the Flower Power reward wheel, which can get you Coins, Potions, Gems, or a special item for your bathroom (like soap or a toothbrush). The second type of reward is an outfit item. Attracting 3 bees gets you a spin of the Flower Power reward wheel, as does attracting another 4 to bring your total to 7. But attract another 8 on top of that (for a total to 15) and you’ll unlock an outfit item. When you reach 15, your progress resets, and you repeat the process as many times as you like, so you can keep getting rewards again and again.

BONUS TIP! Give your environmental action a boost in My Talking Angela 2 by using the promo code “BEE” for 2,000 extra Coins!

If you’d like to join in with the Talking Tom Gold Run and My Talking Angela 2 special in-game events, or if you wish to learn more about their involvement with Green Game Jam 2023, then make sure to visit: https://talkingtomandfriends.com/ggj.

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