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Free iPhone game: Cartoon beat-'em up Super KO Boxing 2

Free on Monday 27th September 'for today only'

Free iPhone game: Cartoon beat-'em up Super KO Boxing 2
| Super KO Boxing 2
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In collaboration with OpenFeint's Free Game of the Day, SUPER KO BOXING 2 is Free for TODAY only. Remember to download OpenFeint’s Game Spotlight App to get the Free Game of the Day every day!


"This game is amazing just like punchout! I love it and play it all the time!" ?????

"This is my one of my favorite games. I totally recommend this game to anyone that asks!!" ?????

"I have always contended that mike tysons punch out and contra were the 2 greatest games of all time. Well, this is mike tysons punch out 2." ?????

OLD FASHIONIONED BEATDOWNS - Go toe-to-toe against a cast of bone-crushing boxers with unique moves and personalities

The all-new Roid Rage feature!

READY FOR AN OLD FASHIONED BEATDOWN? As the K.O. Kid, you return to the ring to face the most outrageous face-breaking opponents who’ll use sneaky tactics and dirty distractions to knock you out. To be the champ, figure out each fighter’s tells, avoid their signature moves, and when the time is right unleash a super punch to knock ‘em out!

Go toe-to-toe against a cast of bone-crushing boxers with unique moves and personalities including 15 Cent, Shogun, and Ka-Rak Übones.

Use quick reflexes to dizzy opponents, throw powerful hooks, unleash flaming super punch combos, and land one-two lightning KO’s. To go the distance, you will need to watch out for opponent’s weaknesses and avoid their signature moves.

Box your way through 18 bouts across 3 circuits to become the Champion of the world!

Would you be able to defeat your opponent if you weren’t able to dodge and couldn’t get hit? Face this and 16 other unique challenges that test your skills.

Test your courage to see how many fights you can win without ever getting knocked down against increasingly tougher opponents.

Earn over 65 unique achievements to unlock concept art that includes character sketches, early concepts, and boxers that did not make it into the game

Are you coming unstuck against some of the trickiest bone-crushing contenders in the game? Just purchase a dose of Roid Rage to turn into a monster fighter, with more powerful punches and become almost impossible to take down. Use your Roid Rage whenever you've exhausted your natural abilities to take down the toughest opponents!

Getting pummeled by your opponents?
for tips and tricks!

Praise from the Press
“Finally, a fighting game with plenty of depth, and which emphasises the importance of technique over button mashing right from the outset. With enough raw brawler action to genuinely get your heart pounding, this is the game mobile fighting fans have been waiting for”- (7/10 – BRONZE AWARD)

“Super K.O. Boxing 2 combines great cartoon visuals with intense gameplay…this is one of those games that delivers the thrill of victory with the agony of defeat all in one well-designed package.”

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