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GDC 2016: Super Arc Light is Space Invaders meets Super Hexagon

Super Space Invaders

GDC 2016: Super Arc Light is Space Invaders meets Super Hexagon
| Super Arc Light
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Super Arc Light is a minimalist puzzler that's best described as Space Invaders meets Super Hexagon.

You play as a ship which automatically spins in a circle around what appears to be a wormhole. Oddly enough, your job is to defend it.

To do so you simply tap on the screen to shoot at the various enemies you face. Tapping also changes the direction in which you move, while tapping and holding slows you down while you constantly fire missiles.

Finally, if you tap really fast you can stay in the same place and fire a ton of missiles at once. Those are the mechanics.

It's a high score chaser so, ultimately, you're going to be playing thousands of times (just like Super Hexagon) as you learn the various enemy attack patterns and get to grips with the mechanics.

To say there's no progression outside of the score is wrong though. In fact, there are 18 different weapons to unlock over the course of the game - and you'll need this variety of weaponry if you hope to climb right to the top of the leaderboards.

Super Arc Light launched today in the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore.

Chris James
Chris James
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