Get ready to use Tesla powers and stack up guns in imminent iOS game Steampunk Tower

Man the cannons

Get ready to use Tesla powers and stack up guns in imminent iOS game Steampunk Tower
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Steampunk Tower. DreamGate Studios sure did exercise its creativity glands to come up with that title.

All snarking aside, a fusion of steampunk and tower defence may be just what you're after. If so, then Steampunk Tower is probably your new favourite game.

Chillingo revealed Steampunk Tower to the world earlier this week via a gameplay trailer (embedded below).

So, you've got a central tower that you must defend. You will be attacked from either side of the screen by armed forces containing infantry, armoured cars, and robot bugs.

You can purchase turrets for your tower that arise from the basement, and then you swipe your turrets to the left or right upon the tower.

Steampunk Tower

Managing reloads and swapping the machine guns, tesla coils, and cannons either side of the tower will be your main focal points here. You'll also need to ensure you purchase more turrets as your cash reserve increases.

If you find yourself in need of a quick break, then you can also employ the use of the tower's eye. You can guide the highly damaging laser (and other weapons) emitted from the eye with your finger.

The whole point of the game, by the way, is to defend all of Lord Bingham's mining operations in the Etherium Mine so that he can continue to be a jazzy, rich bloke. Yeah, not the most inspiring of causes, but, hey.

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You get a chance to upgrade your turrets outside of battle, by the way. You earn Tower Points for successful missions, and can earn more upon completing challenge skirmishes.

Steampunk Tower will be available on the App Store this Thursday. It'll be priced 69p / 99c.

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