WIN: 10 copies of Splendor are up for grabs!

Become a gem merchant in this board game

WIN: 10 copies of Splendor are up for grabs!
| Splendor

Want to win a physical copy of impressive gem-focused board game Splendor? Well you're in luck, because we've got a bunch to give away.

The game lets you and your friends become gem merchants of the Renaissance. It's all about collecting chips and developing your cards.

You'll attempt to buy gem mines, extra transportation, and new shops in order to acquire the most points and win. If you become wealthy enough you might even get a visit from a noble, which will further increase your prestige points.

Still not sure what the game is about? Then check out this trailer for the digital edition and you should have a pretty solid grounding in gem-based salesmanship.

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It's all a big chunk of pretty complex fun, and is a brilliant centrepiece for a night of playing board games with your pals. Although they might not be your pals once you stiff them on a priceless hoard of rubies.

How to enter

So, how do I win one of these wonderful board games I hear you ask? Simply head on over to the Pocket Gamer Twitter (@PocketGamer) or Facebook (@PocketGamer1) and retweet/share the pinned tweet or post to enter! You must also be following us on social media.

We have 10 of these fabulous board games up for grabs and the competition ends on Friday 28th September 2018 so get to it!