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Spiritwish, Nexon's latest MMORPG, is available now for iOS and Android

Control three characters at once

Spiritwish, Nexon's latest MMORPG, is available now for iOS and Android
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Nexon's latest MMORG Spiritwish is available now for both iOS and Android. The game was originally slated for a mid-October release, so it's a little later than previously scheduled but I'm not sure anyone is splitting hairs over a week or two.

Set in the land of Kavela, players will set out on a journey to gather several ancient relics that will give them the power to defend their homeland. You see, a war broke out that meant these relics were lost during battle which allowed evil monsters to rise up and attack the kingdom. Carelessness with trinkets cost them dearly basically.

In Spiritwish you'll be able to control three different characters at simultaneously. So unlike in most MMORPGs where you'll have to decide if you want to be a damage dealer, a tank or support, here you'll be able to handle all of those roles at once.

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There'll be several multiplayer options to jump into as well if you're a fan of co-operative modes. You'll be able to team up with other players to tackle various raids together and take part in different daily dungeons. One of which is called the Onkalo Dungeon, which is an endless dungeon where you can challenge yourself to see how far you can go.

Interestingly for an MMO, Spiritwish will also offer players a one-handed mode. This will allow them to play the game as well as use chat whilst on the go. I'm interested to see how well this will work out, considering MMO's can be quite involved. Based on the trailer above though, it seems it will mostly mean that the game plays itself.

If you're in the market for a new MMO, Spiritwish is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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