Latest item-oriented update to SoulCraft beta 'inspired' by Diablo 3

The key's in the loot

Latest item-oriented update to SoulCraft beta 'inspired' by Diablo 3
| SoulCraft

It seems that recently-released dungeon-crawler Diablo 3 is not only consuming thousands of hours of gamers' free time - it's also influencing mobile games.

According to MobileBits, developer of upcoming free-to-play action-RPG SoulCraft, the latest update to its game's Android beta is "inspired" by Blizzard's record-breaking PC phenomenon.

SoulCraft focuses on the war between angels, demons, and humans, with each of the three factions hoping to claim Earth as its own personal stomping ground.

The new update brings with it a completely overhauled item and equipment system, which apparently came as a direct result of the MobileBits team taking time out of their development schedule to play Diablo 3.

Where angels fear to tread

The Android beta has already attracted 250,000 tests since it opened its virtual doors back in January, and new changes are being rolled out every few weeks based on player feedback.

If you want to experience these changes for yourself, you can participate in the beta by grabbing either SoulCraft [download] or the Tegra-optimised SoulCraft THD [download] from Google Play.