Zynga releases fast-paced MOBA Solstice Arena in New Zealand and Canada

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Zynga releases fast-paced MOBA Solstice Arena in New Zealand and Canada
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Zynga and A Bit Lucky have just soft-launched a fantasy-filled MOBA called Solstice Arena on Apple's New Zealand and Canadian App Stores.

Solstice Arena, for those of you who missed our previous coverage of the game, is a fast-paced action title in which you compete with and against other players from around the world in real-time 3-vs-3 battles.

In Zynga's latest assault on the App Store, you choose a hero from one of five unique disciplines (Sun, Moon, Earth, Iron, and Void), and upgrade and customise him however you see fit.

If you want to customise him with items recommended by the game, you can do just that. If you want to utilise a little artistic licence, though, and mix and match equipment, you can do that, too.

You begin each battle in Solstice Arena on a coloured platform (red or blue, depending on your team). Your aim is to destroy your opponent's oracle (a tower-like structure).

You move your character around the battlefield by tapping on a destination or by holding down your finger on the location to which you'd like him to travel.

Similarly, tap on an enemy and your character of choice will automatically begin to carve chunks out of him. You can also utilise abilities (each character has three) by tapping the icons on the side of your screen.

If you return to the platform you began a battle on during combat, you can instantly heal your wounds. You can also use the gold you've collected from chests and from slaying other players to purchase new gear.

If you have an account on Apple's New Zealand or Canadian App Store, you can download Solstice Arena now.

If you don't and you really fancy a crack at this game right now, go and create a New Zealand or Canadian App Store account forthwith. Here's how.

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