Shooty Skies is the next game from the Crossy Road devs, coming to iOS soon

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Shooty Skies is the next game from the Crossy Road devs, coming to iOS soon
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Matt Hall and Andy Sum, the creators of mega-hit Crossy Road, have revealed their next game. It's a light-hearted endless arcade shooter called Shooty Skies.

You play as an adorable animal pilot - in the now recognisable colourful and blocky style of Crossy Road - and try to survive the flight for as long as possible.

Looking to bring you down are waves of "robots, viewtube cats, hipsters, aliens, monsters and arcade machines." I also see a mouth that gobs up chainsaws. Weird.

All these enemies shoot a range of different projectiles that you'll need to anticipate in order to dodge. And you'll need to line up your own shots to take them out.

Hall says that Shooty Skies riffs on arcade classics like Galaga and Space Invaders but makes it more accessible. He says that it's "all about sharing what we love about those arcade classics with everyone."

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One thing worth noting is that while Hall and Sum is working on Shooty Skies this isn't a game by the Hipster Whale - the studio credited for Crossy Road. It's Mighty Games that's developing Shooty Skies.

This is a new studio set up by Hall as well as indie game veterans Matt Ditton (Many Monkeys) and Ben Britten (Tin Man Games) back in 2013. They later brought on Andy Sum as a fourth director.

Shooty Skies will be Mighty Games's first official game but it's certainly not the first for any of its team members.

There's no firm release date yet but Mighty Games is mostly waiting on Apple to approve it so it will be very soon. You can find out more about Shooty Skies on its website.

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