Twisted Metal dev Eat Sleep Play serves up Running With Friends for Zynga

That's no bull

Twisted Metal dev Eat Sleep Play serves up Running With Friends for Zynga
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Ever since the success of Temple Run, the App Store has been going endless runner crazy.

We've had themed versions for Disney films like Brave and Oz, not to mention the very cool Subway Surfers, and more recently a horror theme with Into The Dead.

Now Zynga - together with Twisted Metal developer Eat Sleep Play is getting in on the act, but it's doing something different.

It's combining the endless runner with its very popular With Friends gameplay. The result is Running With Friends.

It's a race, dude

Like other games in the series, in each round you attempt to run further than one of your 'friends'.

You sign up via Facebook or email and then the server will let you know which of your friends are already playing the game, or you can send anyone who hasn't an invite. Or just play against a random player. You can have multiple games ongoing at the same time.

More randomness is introduced as each level is procedurally generated. Of course, for each round, each of the players runs as far as they can through the same level so it's a fair comparison, but aside from this, each level you play is a different route.

You're doing the usual endless runner things in-game; there are three tracks you're swiping your runner between, as well as jumping over things, sliding under things, turning corners in the nick of time, and avoiding obstacles.

The game's theme is that you're running through a Spanish town during the bull running season, so you'll have to avoid bulls running towards you, or bounce off the back of bulls running in your direction to get a boost.

Pay to win?

Items play a large part in the game, as you're collecting stars to boost your distance score.

Also each time you play, you spin a slots wheel to get three objectives, which if you complete them will reward you with green gems.

This being a Zynga free-to-play game, there are plenty of ways you can spend real cash - via those green gems.

You do get some free gems each time you play, and interestingly when you crash in a level, you'll get the option to spend gems to revive yourself at the spot where you crashed. You only get this option twice per go, however, so how much it will unbalance the head-to-head gameplay remains to be seen.

You can customise your player as a ninja, ballerina, or zombie using the in-game currency too.

Running With Friends is out now, with separate downloads for iPhone and iPad.

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